About the Organization

Who Are We

Inter-Neighborhood Foundation of Wilmington (INF) is a nonprofit organization that is under the leadership of recently appointed Executive Director, Timothy Crawl-Bey. INF is a real estate developer that has been revitalizing the East Side and the Midtown Brandywine communities of Delaware since 1981. INF recently expanded its service area to include neighborhoods east of 1-95 and north of the Brandywine River. The expansion is part of its new strategic vision, which is also shared by the City of Wilmington.

Our Mission

INF was created to ensure residential integrity, eliminate blight and to prevent the displacement of residents with limited means of income. INF was created to promote social, cultural and economic diversity, ultimately improving the quality of life that is available to residents within the community.



Board of Directors

John Stafford


Beverly Bell


Joel D. Stango


John Mitchell

Vice President

Glenn Kocher


Barbara Washam


Executive Director

Timothy Crawl-Bey

Executive Director

Tim has over 21 years of experience in housing finance, housing development, community development and various public policy issues. As the former Director of Real Estate & Housing for the City of Wilmington, Tim served as Mayor James Baker’s lead policy advisory on housing issues, was engaged in the development of over 2500 housing units, and helped establish several creative means of housing finance, including the City’s Housing Strategic Fund. Prior to that, Tim served as Executive Director of a local non-profit organization, where he increased the non-profit’s net assets by over $7 million, re-positioned the agency’s loan portfolio, and developed several new housing projects, both single family and multi-family. Tim also served as Executive Assistant to former Wilmington Mayor Jim Sills. In that capacity, Tim was the Mayor’s primary speechwriter and a lead policy advisor on issues related to housing, privatization, and infrastructure.

In July 2012, Tim formed Timothy Crawl-Bey & Associates, a real estate advisory and management consulting firm. Tim has worked with a variety of clients, including local governmental entities, non- profits, and for-profit developers and contractors. Tim’s work has included but is not limited to: consulting a governmental client on a condo development that includes 88 apartment units and a new firehouse; providing technical assistance and project management services to a non-profit that was implementing a re-development initiative in a suburban New Castle County community; providing organizational structure and management consulting services to a technology start-up in Northern Virginia; providing project management, contract negotiation, and/or real estate advisory services to non-profit housing developers in Delaware and Michigan and; co-authoring the Wilmington Eastside Neighborhood Investment Plan for the Wilmington Housing Partnership.

In July 2015, Tim assumed the duties as Executive Director of InterNeighborhood Foundation of Wilmington, or INF, a non-profit housing developer that has traditionally served the Midtown Brandywine and Eastside Neighborhoods of Wilmington. Tim is leading a new strategic effort in which INF will be expanding its geographic reach as well as broadening its real estate development activities.

Tim has a B.A. in Urban Studies from the University of Pennsylvania and a MPA from the University of Delaware, where he was a member of the Pi Alpha Alpha honor society. Tim holds numerous certifications in the areas of housing finance, community based economic development, and housing development. Tim is a member of the board of First State Community Action Agency and co-chair of the Northeast Wilmington Blueprint Community, a community revitalization effort. Tim has previously served on the boards of the Delaware Chapter of the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment officials (DE NAHRO), Christina Cultural Arts Center, and First State Community Loan Fund. Tim has also served as President of the Wilmington Housing Partnership, the Delaware Association for Public Administration, and as Board Chair of the Downtown YMCA.